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Method for teaching users to reduce wear of concrete mixer

Submitted by Eliza,05/14/2016
Because the wear of concrete mixer brings a lot of trouble to customers, varying degrees of wear and tear will effect the normal working of concrete mixer, wear can not be avoided, but it can decreases the degree of wear, so how to reduce it?

The first is the lubrication of concrete mixer, there are a lot of places needed to be lubricated, and the amount and method of lubricant are not same. Sometimes it also need replace the new lubricant, but also it need to add quantitative timing lubricant, the user must understand these lubrication technology to ensure the lubrication of concrete mixer.

The parts of concrete mixer, such as the vibration sieve, mixing blades, surface, mixing drum, are relatively easy to wear, how to reduce the wear and tear of these places? The wear of vibration sieve mainly lies in the vibration bearings, the user must choose the high quality bearings, the lubrication equipment should be reasonable, the user must always lubricate the bearings. Due to the mixing blade need to mix concrete, so the wear is more serious, which requires users pay attention to avoid large hard objects or wire object in the mixing cylinder when add material, and often check the mixing blades. The possible reasons that the surface of concrete mixer is worn are microseism, sliding, impact, abrasion, rust, which requires user to avoid collisions, and keep the surface clean in the use of concrete mixer, if it is found a rusty, it should be promptly dealt with. Mixing drum is also often wear, which requires the user to clean up the mixing drum immediately after the end of the work to prevent the concrete solidification in the mixing drum.

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