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Safety operation rules for concrete mixer

Submitted by Eliza,05/10/2016
1.Instrument and indicating signal are accurate and reliable, the operating table of the electric concrete mixer should be put rubber board or dry wood board. Driving mechanism, working device, brake and so on, all should be reliable to ensure the work is normal.
2.Empty commissioning: checking the rotation direction of stirring barrel or stirring drum, if the working device operation, brake are normal, we can operate it. When the hopper rises, it is strictly prohibited to work under the hopper. At the bottom of the pit, we should provide hopper with a pillow pad, when clean up the pit, the hopper must be locked with a chain.
3.When it is feeding, it is forbidden to put hands or head between the hopper and the frame, and in the operation, we shall not put into the stirring barrel to discharge with the hands or tools and other objects. Aggregate specifications should be consistent with the performance of the concrete mixer, it shall not be used beyond the scope of the license.
4.In operation, if a fault occurs, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the concrete in the mixing drum should be removed.
5.Feeding should be carried out in the running of the concrete mixer. It must first remove the original concrete in the concrete mixer before it can be added to the new material. Do not stop or start the concrete mixer at full load, except when the material is reversed.
6. After working, we should draw off the water in the machine, water tank, pipeline timely, and clean the machine and the working site, cut off the power supply, lock the switch box.

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