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The attention after the operation of concrete mixer

Submitted by Eliza,03/25/2016
Some clients may think that stopping the concrete mixer is okay when the concrete mixer complete the work, in fact, this idea is wrong, in order to timely eliminate the security risks of concrete mixer and ensure good state of concrete mixer, so after the operation of concrete mixer, doing some maintenance can not make the concrete mixer appear some small problems. So what should be paid attention to after the operation of concrete mixer?

Firstly, after the completion of the work, we should close the bulk cement tank valve, and transport out all the concrete in the spiral pipe, do not remain any cement in the pipe. At the same time thoroughly cleaning machinery and the scene.

Secondly, the concrete in the mixing drum must be cleaned. Maintaining the machine, adding lubricating oil to each lubricating point, oiling some parts to prevent them from rusting.

Thirdly, cleaning the slurry, ash deposition in the concrete mixing plant. Timely cleaning dust and oil contamination in the mixing tank and the surface of concrete mixer to prevent the concrete from drying and hardening. After the production is finished, the remaining concrete in the mixer should be cleaned in time before the machine is shut down, after stopping the concrete mixer, the power switch is switched off.

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