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The attention of using double horizontal shafts forced concr

Submitted by Eliza,04/14/2016
Double horizontal shafts concrete mixer is a kind of high efficient forced type concrete mixing machine, which not only can work alone, but also it can be matched with the mixing plant to use. It is mainly used to mix all kinds of powder materials, that’s it can produce all kinds of powder mixing material. Twin shaft concrete mixer is mainly used as the hoist of production line of all kinds of standard bricks, sand lime brick, briquette. It is also one of the important equipment of production process of autoclaved fly ash brick, and briquette.

Double horizontal shafts forced concrete mixer mainly consists of a shell, a spiral shaft assembly, a driving device, piping, cover, etc., in the using process, users must pay attention to the safety.

1.Checking the concrete mixer before using
Checking whether the operation is flexible, the operation of vibration, roller is normal. Checking the winding wire rope on the drum, and checking the lifting of waste station to see whether it is normal. To ensure that everything is normal, it can be used.
2.The charging should not be too much at a time, according to the ratio to charge.
3.It need the fixed person to start the concrete mixer, the driver should be familiar with the operating principle of the operating system, if it is found that something is wrong, the driver should stop the concrete mixer immediately to check it.
4.The part of the electrical appliances should be protected, we also need to protect the cable from damaging.
5.The concrete mixer should be set evenly.

Double horizontal shafts forced concrete mixer is advanced and ideal model at home and abroad, this kind of concrete mixer has some characteristics, such as reasonable design, novel layout, high automation, good mixing quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, convenient operation, fast unloading, long service life of lining plate and blades, easy maintenance. Users also can self use dump trucks, dump trucks, concrete mixer truck. 

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