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The difference between various types of concrete mixers

Submitted by Eliza,09/09/2015
Many users will ask these questions: what is the difference between various types of concrete mixer? And which one is much better? In fact, as manufacturers, now that each model of the concrete mixer exists, they all have their necessity. Each model of the concrete mixer is different, and have their own unique style.
JS series horizontal shaft forced concrete mixers have strong mixing, low electricity consumption and strong power. This kind of concrete mixer is mainly used in the concrete mixing plant, because of the high degree of automation and good mixing quality. JZM friction concrete mixer’s mixing drum rotated in the situation that the rubber tugs friction wheel so that it has the high stability coefficient, stable transmission and low noise. JZC diesel concrete mixer has the characteristics of both power and diesel using , it is specially designed for the inconvenient electricity using places and it is suitable for export. JZC ladder concrete mixer has a ladder with 17-25 meters, which saves the concrete conveying equipment and is very convenient.
In fact, there are many differences between them. Each model is designed by our technical personnel according to the user's problem, which is why each model of concrete mixer has its unique technical style and unique characteristics.

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