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The notice of cleaning the concrete mixer

Submitted by Eliza,04/20/2016
Concrete mixer is divided into drum type concrete mixer and forced type concrete mixer, they are all concrete agitators, the different points are the concrete raw materials and the scope of application. I believe that you are already familiar with them, today I will give a brief summary about how to clean them.

First of all, the drum type concrete mixer belongs to the civil concrete machinery, its cleaning method is very simple. After the end of the daily work, it need to turn off the power supply, and then the operator needs to enter the drum to clean the mixing drum. In the process of cleaning, we need to hang on “No Switching On” logo, in case someone restart the mixer, or in the cleaning process, we can find someone to be in custody.

While in the cleaning process, the forced type concrete mixer need to pay attention to details, compulsory concrete mixer is also called twin shafts concrete mixer. When clean the mixing drum, we need to pay attention to the twin shaft mixing blades and the shaft end to see whether they are clean, in the clearing process, if there is some dry cement which is not easy to clean, we can not hit it with the flat shovel, otherwise it is easy to lead to sealing problems. So how to solve it? We can use chemicals to dissolve, we should ensure that it is clean so that it will not affect the use next time.

The above is the cleaning method of concrete mixer, if you still encountered some problem in the cleaning process, you can call the manufacturer that you purchased the concrete mixer, you never to act in accordance with your wishes, if you damage the machine, you are not worth the candle.

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