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What are the conditions for using concrete mixers

Submitted by Eliza,10/09/2015
As one of the two essential elements of concrete mixing plant, the concrete mixer has a very important role. So, what are the conditions for the use of concrete mixer?
First of all, the concrete mixer should be set in the flat place, and let the tire be in the pendent position so as to avoid loosening at the start. The best way is to try running it before mixing. What need to pay attention to is that during the test run, it should test the suitability of mixing cylinder speed, under the normal circumstances, the no-load speed is slightly faster than the loading speed. If there are many differences between them, we should adjust the proportion of the wheel and the driving wheel.
Secondly, before the working of concrete mixer, we should carefully check the various parts to see whether the transmission clutch and brake is flexible and reliable, wire rope is damaged, the track pulley is good, and there is obstacle around it. And we also should check the lubrication of all parts. After confirming that there is no problem, then start it.
Thirdly, in the process of starting, if you find electrical or mechanical failure, you should discharge the aggregate, and you can start it again after remedying of the trouble. Of course, when using the concrete mixer, you should check it regularly to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.
Finally, after the use of concrete mixer, you should pull off power, lock switch control box, remember to clean up, and clean the site so that the machinery keeps clean.

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