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What should pay attention to when using the mobile concrete

Submitted by Eliza,09/16/2015
Concrete mixer can be classified as the mobile and non mobile type. Mobile concrete mixer is a mixer with a wheel, our company's JZC series of concrete mixer are mobile mixers. Mobile mixer is mainly convenient to the short range of moving, the mobile mixer can be directly driven in short distance. But when we use, it need to pay attention to some points, now we will introduce to the users what they need to pay attention to.
First the location of parking: As the mobile concrete mixer has wheels, so the mobile mixer is relatively flexible, we must pay attention to the parking location, it is best to place it in the flat location to ensure its stability. If it is the short term using, as long as the users fasten its tyre to avoid it to slide. If it is the long term using, it need to unload the tire and safekeep it, and wheel end need to be bandaged by tarp.
The precautions of the mobile concrete mixer in the use are same as the other concrete mixer, as long as the users operate it correctly and maintain it properly.
Then there are some precautions when moving. Long distance moving needs a car to transport it, what we need to pay attention to is to fix it to avoid collisions, what we need to pay attention to in short distance moving is to ensure its stability and speed stability, and avoid collisions. What the long distance and short distance movement all need to pay attention to is that we must put the hopper into the highest point and lock it with a chain or latch.
The above is what we introduce, and we hope that it can help the users.

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