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A Winner in Grim International Market of Concrete Machinery

Submitted by Cynthia,09/17/2012
In recent two years, many China`s enterprises which engage in export meet crisis and great challenge in grim international markets. With fierce competition, is there a solution to survive worries exports and the leaders of the enterprises. As a dealer and manufacture in concrete mixer, Henan Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd keeps its leading position in oversea trades, and its products are sold to all over the world, such as Nigeria, Russia, Mongolia, Chile, South Africa and so on, used in constructions of power station, water facility, highway, railway, bridge erecting, etc. Analyze its way of success, it concludes the followings.
Firstly, a powerful team in design. Enterprises of concrete machinery shall have advanced technicists and experts who make the whole design of the project. This is the necessary condition for the survival of concrete machinery, and it is crucial to any enterprises.

Secondly, a high technology in creating concrete mixer. If the concrete batching plant is a human body, concrete mixer is the stomach. Its quality determines the quality of the concrete, what`s more the quality of houses, bridges, highway etc. Moreover the mixer is the most profitable part in concrete batching plant. Therefore if an enterprise drops its research and development, it will loss a lot.

Thirdly, capable in control system. Like a brain, the control system commands the running of all parts of the machinery in an order. Only having the ability in designing and creating the control system, shall the enterprise improve and update its products.

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