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Concrete Mixer Machinery of China

Submitted by Cynthia,09/13/2012

There are currently more than 200 enterprises engaged in the production of concrete mixer machinery in China. The products includes mixer, batching plant(tower), mixer truck and concrete pump, which not only meet the needs of China, but also output to overseas.

As the developing country, China masters advanced technology in making concrete mixer machinery and the products sound good quality. Compared with machinery made in German or America, it is cost-effective but durable. Moreover Chinese dealers actively develop international markets, and was very well thought of in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Russia, India and other places.

Indeed, the concrete industry has been stimulating economic growth of China for a long time. However this year, it shrouded a lot. Many enterprises reported that their orders declines and the workers was forced to have rest at home. Facing such grin situation, how to cope with it. For some enterprises could still stand in the leading place, and their order not declines but increases. How could they do that? It will rely on their good marketing team, advanced technology in research and development perfect products. Next time we will discuss some wellknown machinery companies in China.

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