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Tell Cement from Concrete

Submitted by Cynthia,09/13/2012

In modern society, concrete plays an important role in city development and road, railway, bridge construction. There is a vivid metaphor, modern people live in a concrete forests. This leads to the  concrete is the second consumed substance on earth, and cement is the critical ingredient in making concrete. And how much do you know cement?


The word "cement " is originated from the Romans, who used "opus caementicium" to describe masonry. It refers to the material used to bind the aggregate materials of concrete. As binder, the cement mixed with water,and then hardens in a few days into a solid and strong material. It is produced globally with sand, aggregates and water, which causes chemical reactions produces hydrates.


Concrete was fist used by the Ancient Macedonians, and prosperous in Roman times. Many excellent example of such structures are still exist. For example Baths of Caracalla. During the Industrial Revolution, it developed modern cements.


Catastrophic and deadly results can be caused if concrete is poorly created. Producing quality concrete is of importance. So the mixing equipment shall be with the most advanced technology and the manufacture must be worthy of trust. Pioneer concrete mixer from China is developed and produced on the basis of advance technology. It can effectively reduce environmental pollution arising from dust and noise. Most of all it is cost-effective.

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