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Tips on Concrete Mixer Clean

Submitted by Cynthia,09/12/2012

Are you still annoyed, for the dried cement is not that easy to clean? The following will discuss some ways to solve such problem.
Concrete mixer is crucial equipment in construction of house, road, railway, water and electricity, port,tunnel, bridge, airport, concrete precast and commercial concrete. However how to clean it haunt some workers, especially for large concrete mixer.

Then, we will discuss the ways to clean a cement mixer.The cleaning process you use will depend on whether the cement mix is fresh or dried. Fresh cement is easy to be removed with water and hydro stone during ten to fifteen minutes. If need to get into te mixing drum, please be careful and be sure cut off the power. With a rubber mallet, tap the mixing drum gently several times until the dried chunks of concrete are removed. When hitting the drum be careful donnot make dents.

If there is still concrete left on the mixer, could use some chemicals, such as hydrochloric acid. Keep the mixer spinning slowly.
Be sure that the water be drained completely, especially in winter. Let the mixer dry thoroughly before storing.
It is easy to clean the mixer, but need your patience. Clean it every day when the cement is fresh and wet. For doing this not only can keep your concrete mixer a long life, but also saving resource. Concrete is the second most consumed substance, the first is water. Cement is an important elements in making concrete, and how do you know about cement?

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